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6 Steps to Improving Your Confidence In The Gym

55% of UK gym-goers say they feel ‘largely clueless’ about how they should be working out at the gym. 

You may have had great intentions when first joining the gym, but then you realised that you weren’t as confident as you thought. As you look around, you find yourself put off by the other women who look super fit and confident in their training. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our top tips to improve your confidence in the gym. 

How To Improve Your Confidence at the Gym

Join the Right Gym

Gym membership

You may think that all gyms are the same, but they’re not. Some gyms are aimed at those wanting to body build, some are family-oriented. Gyms range in their size and the services they provide. Some simply provide the gym equipment whilst other gyms have swimming pools and fitness classes. 

If you fear men watching you workout then you’re not alone, as 72% of women changed their gym routine to ensure they weren’t being watched by someone. 

However, don’t let this put you off. Some gyms are for women-only or have a women-only room where you have access to a range of gym equipment. 

If you’re not sure then take advantage of free trial passes to try a few different gyms in your area. 

Once you find the right gym for you, your confidence will grow as you feel comfortable in your surroundings.  

Make Sure You Accept Your Induction Invitation

Every gym should offer you an induction. During your induction, you’ll be asked some questions about your previous fitness experience, your health, and your goals. 

The gym instructor will most likely show you around the gym, show you how to use the equipment, and if you’d like, draw you a fitness plan. 

Take advantage of this resource. This is your time to get guidance on what’s right for you. 

If you skipped your induction, then ask for it now. Most gyms offer them as part of your joining package, so don’t be afraid to ask. 

Work With a Personal Trainer (PT)

Personal trainer

You’ve got your induction plan and you’re determined to reach your goals. However, you still feel you need someone to help you gain confidence in using the equipment, talk you through your plan, and to cheer you on.

Then a PT may be the answer. They will take the time to accompany you around the gym and ensure you are comfortable and on target. 

Working alongside a professional is a sure way to boost your confidence in the gym. 

Find a Gym Buddy 

Workout buddies

Going to the gym with a friend can boost your confidence. 

If you’re unsure of how to use a piece of equipment, there’s now two of you to figure it out and your more likely to ask for help if you’re not on your own. 

Attending a fitness class won’t be as daunting if you’ve got your friend for support. In fact, we’re sure you’ll have a giggle as you navigate your way through your yoga poses. 

Avoid Peak Times

Gyms can get really busy at certain points of the day and you may want to try and avoid the peak times. Ask the staff at the gym when it’s quieter and aim to work out at those times. 

Stay Focused 

Girl lifting

It’s easy to get distracted by others in the gym and this can lower your confidence. 

Don’t be tempted to check out what the woman is doing next to you and then start to question your workout plan, or your ability to achieve your goals. 

Remember to stay positive whilst you work on your fitness plan. It’s easy to lose confidence when you don’t quickly see the results you were hoping for.  

Don’t let doubt creep in. You need to keep going to see change. 

Over to You

We hope our tips will help you to boost your confidence when working out at the gym. 

Just remember to…

  • Choose the right gym for you
  • Accept your induction invitation
  • Work with a personal trainer 
  • Take a friend along for support
  • Attend the gym at the right time 
  • Stay focused on your fitness goals

Written by Rebecca Benfield

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