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Middle aged lady running outside and experiencing breast pain

Do this 1 Thing to Solve Your Chafing Issues, For Good!

Have you ever finished a workout only to discover uncomfortable, irritating chafing marks left by your sports bra? This common issue, often misunderstood and overlooked, can dampen the joy of physical activity.

What is Sports Bra Chafing?

Sports bra chafing typically occurs around the band, under the arms, or along the straps, and can be caused by various factors ranging from fabric material to the bra's design. However, many women are unaware that chafing is not just a discomfort they must endure.

Woman with breast pain while running outdoors

The Real Culprit

Contrary to popular belief, chafing is not solely dependent on the sports bra's design, fabric, or brand. Midway through our investigation, we've discovered a pivotal factor: sizing. Yes, the right size of your sports bra plays a crucial role in preventing chafing. An ill-fitting bra can rub against your skin, leading to irritation and discomfort, regardless of its quality or material.

Solving the Issue

At MAAREE, we understand the importance of a perfect fit. To help you find your ideal size, we offer a range of solutions:

  1. Read Our Sizing Guidelines:

    Our comprehensive sizing guide is your first step towards finding the perfect fit. It provides detailed instructions to measure yourself accurately and choose the right size.
  2. Book an Online Fitting:

    For a more personalised approach, you can book an online fitting with our experts. They will guide you through the process, ensuring you find a sports bra that fits like a second skin.
  3. Chat Bot Fitting Instructions:

    Prefer a quick, automated solution? Our chat bot is here to help. It offers fitting instructions and advice, ensuring you get the right fit effortlessly.

Explore Our Range: Comfort Meets Style

While sizing is key, we also believe in the power of innovative design. Our sports bras, featuring Overband® Technology, are designed to reduce upward motion, offering unparalleled support and comfort. Check out our range:
- Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra: Ideal for high-intensity workouts, offering firm support and reduced motion.
- Empower Sports Bra: Perfect for a variety of activities, balancing comfort and support.
- Battle Sports Bra: For those who want all the support of a great sports bra but without compromising on their gorgeous silhouette.

Further Reading and Resources

To deepen your understanding and explore more about sports bra fit and care, check out our related blog posts:
- Understanding Sister Sizing to Find the Perfect Sports bra Fit
- Choosing the Perfect Sports Bra: A Guide to Encapsulation, Compression and Hybrid Styles


Chafing is a common, yet solvable issue. With the right size and a quality sports bra, you can say goodbye to discomfort and focus on what truly matters – your performance and enjoyment. At MAAREE, we're committed to supporting you every step of the way. Embrace comfort and confidence in your fitness journey!

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