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Podcast Episodes

I have been fortunate enough to be invited onto some wonderful podcasts with some truly inspirational women. We've discussed how to start a business, compared London Marathon experiences and tips on how to find your perfect sports bra. View all our latest episodes here to stay up-to-date with the freshest content! 
MAAREE Podcasts

8th June, 2022 - [21m 48s]

RunPod Minis: Mari Thomas

On RunPod we love to chat about running kit, and this is one for the ladies. We're chatting bras. Mari Thomas, founder of sports bra brand MAAREE joins Jenni this week to chat all things boobs and bras; why it's important to wear a sports bra, the impact running an have on your boobs, the importance of the right size bra, how her brand MAAREE started, the brilliant Overband that is a staple across her range, plus how to wash your sports bra properly.

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8th July, 2021 - [35m 23s]

It's Progress not Perfection: Mari of MAAREE

A dash of inspiration and motivation for textile-based product start-ups. Demi from Get Stuff Made shares the stories of small independent brands, talking to founders about their journeys so far.

Demi kicks off the Sparkly Tights podcast listening to the story of Mari, founder of sports bra brand MAAREE. We chat to Mari about how she started her business using a sewing machine and belts. We are both old friends, having met previously during an internship in London, so it was also a lovely time for a catch up and see what's changed since those days.

28th March, 2021 - [1h 4m 28s]

S2 EP3: Mari Thomas, Founder of Revolutionary Sports Bra Brand MAAREE

Join Emily (founder and runner) for the Run Panthera Podcast – a space to celebrate and inspire women who run. She’ll be speaking to inspirational female runners, as well as discussing running news and sharing tips, in order to motivate more women to get out and run.

In Season 2 Episode 3, Mari talks all about how she founded MAAREE, the importance of finding the right sports bra, boob taboos, and the rise of the virtual bra fitting, as well as Mari’s experience of running the London Marathon.

19th April, 2020 - [33m 30s]

Sports bras and Boobs: Your Complete Guide

Whether you are just starting out, or here to PB, Well Far is the weekly running podcast helping you to go the distance. Each week host Amy Lane - author, runner and fitness expert - breaks down the barriers to running to make it accessible for joggers, plodders, runners and racers. 

In Season 3 Episode 4, Amy talks to Mari Thomas, founder of MAAREE whose background in sports bra testing led to the founding of her (almost) eponymous women's sportswear brand - MAAREE. Over the course of the episode we learn of why ditching the ill fitting sports bras is essential, different supports for different sports and how to find the right fit and how introducing good support being introduced at a younger age in schools could help close the gender play gap.